Star wine list

Wat een eer! We zijn sinds juli 2021 vermeld op de toonaangevende en zeer exclusieve Star Wine List.

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“Like many countries, The Netherlands is well stocked with Chinese restaurants. Here mostly called ”Chin. Ind. Rest”, many are simple places adapted to the Dutch sweet tooth. Mei Wah in Eindhoven, established 50 years ago, is one of those wonderful exceptions where the traditional cuisine is honoured in a contemporary style. Pure flavours, well-executed dishes with an eye for detail. Complexity is not on the plate but in the beautiful preparations and sauces.

Wonderful owners @taksyuen and @anoukyuen embody the ‘Brabantse’ warmth of the south of The Netherlands. Generous and welcoming, they give their guests a renewed view of the Chinese cuisine in an otherwise rather barren food landscape. Their love for wine is not only reflected in the extensive wine list but also how they train themselves in tastings to be better and more knowledgeable. Along with some Michelin-star restaurants, they came in second in the Copa Jerez sherry food and wine contest.”

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